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Brief introduction

Shanghai Wezer Machinery Manufacture, Co., Ltd. has focused on manufacturing and R&D of powder equipment since its foundation. With  the  spirit of  persistence and specialization,   Wezer has now 
developed  from  a  manufacturing company  into  a  technological enterprise, with the ability of independent R&D, design, production and project construction. 
Wezer not only has independently produced equipment such as the big bag opening station, bag dump station, IBC tank, lump breaking, milling, sieving, pneumatic conveying, mixing, weighing, metering and filling equipment that are of the industrial leading level, but also 
earned  outstanding  achievement  and  reputation through  design, manufacturing and construction of powder projects for our customers. Here,  we are willing to work with customers to grow and progress together.


2004——Company establishment
2005——Research, develop and manufacture the first set of dosing system
2006——Research, develop and manufacture the big bag dump station and the rotary sifter
2007——Research, develop and manufacture the series milling equipment
2008——Research, develop and manufacture the vibrating and the rotary discharging system 
2009——Research, develop and manufacture the sterile processing and the solid-liquid mixing equipment
2010——Research, develop and manufacture the vibrating dump station and the powder formulation system for new energy usage
2011——Research, develop and manufacture sterile split butterfly valve, diaphragm valve and pneumatic vacuum pump
2012——Research, develop and manufacture portable manual split butterfly valve, CIP/SIP vacuum conveyor and double-shaftcentrifugal sifter 
2013——Research, develop and manufacture the conical automatic discharging system
2014——Research, develop and manufacture the automatic bag opening system and the positive pressure conveying system     
2015——laboratory establishment, providing on-site simulation experiments for customers

2016——Shanghai Wezer has successfully developed Multi-Port Switch



Our technical staff with rich experience can provide on-site installation guide and commissioning service to ensure the equipment works stably according to the set process flow and after-sale service can be responded as soon as possible. 
Training service for on-site operators to ensure our customers can start production as soon as possible. 

→ Installation guide for the whole set of powder processing system;
→ Professional training for the operators;
→ Providing documents necessary for customers;
→ Equipment modification and relocation;
→ Hotline service

About Us,威泽尔英文版,

About Us-威泽尔英文版

About Us,威泽尔英文版